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1 - 15 (All the AC questions) :]

1. Meaning behind my town name: “flipside” is a town from super paper mario! my brother and i are huge paper mario fans and when i suggested flipside he loved it.

2. Town flag: it’s doopliss from paper mario :}

3. Town tune: the opening credits theme song from the movie totoro!

4. Main theme of my town: there really isn’t a universal theme…i’m working on making one, but right now the only themed part of my town is the “zen” corner, with the spa and stonehenge and bell and perfect pear orchard

5. Town villagers: flipside is currently home to blanche, boone, shep, erik, kiki, hopper, skye, pango, phoebe, and olivia!

6. Does my mayor share my name: yes she does (liv)!

7. How many humans live in my town: 3; liv (the mayor), ross (my brother), and doobs (we don’t talk about doobs)

8. Villagers’ nicknames for me: a lot of them all have different names for me…Dr. L and Amiga are the big ones, though

9. How big is my house: as of two days ago, it’s fully upgraded!

10. Favorite outfit: i usually switch outfits every two months or so, so whatever outfit i’m currently wearing is my favorite (here). i do like my dinosaur sweater though.

11. Favorite villager/dreamie: diana, and i will have her back in flipside someday mark my words….my favorite villager currently in flipside is probably olivia, erik, or blanche

12. Favorite fruit/perfect fruit: butt peaches

13. Favorite room in my house: my current second floor - my rococo bedroom; it has all my most important stuff in it :}

14. Favorite qr code: DANNY PHANTOM

15. Favorite dream address: the sprouse twins’ towns duh


Finally finished my bedroom, and wow I love it :)

i updated my theme to be more springy (✿◕‿◕)

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1) What’s the meaning behind your town name?

2) What does your flag look like? 📷

3) What’s your town tune?

4) What is the main ‘theme’ of your town? (Natural, princess, outer-space etc)📷

5) Which villagers live in your town?

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6) Does your mayor share your name?

7) How many humans live in your town?

8) What nicknames do your villagers call you?

9) How big is your house?

10) What’s your favourite outfit? 📷

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11) Favourite villager/ dreamie?

12) Favourite fruit/ perfect fruit?

13) Favourite room in your house? 📷

14) Favourite QR Code? 📷

15) Favourite Dream Address?

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16) What do you look like? 📷

17) What are your hobbies?

18) What music do you like?

19) Are you shy or outgoing?

20) What does your bedroom look like? 📷

21) What other fandoms are you in?

22) What kind of clothes do you like? 📷

23) Do you have or want dyed hair/ tattoos/ piercings?

24) Do you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend?

25) Are you religious?

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26) Favourite food?

27) Favourite colour?

28) Favourite shop?

29) Favourite film?

30) Favourite book?

31) Favourite blog? (AC or not!)

32) Favourite season?

33) Favourite day of your life?

34) Favourite celebrity?

35) Favourite place?


whats going on


whats going on

finally going to have a complete main street!


You stupid shit


You stupid shit

Warning about Bunny Day in Animal Crossing New Leaf:


Once your town rolls over to bunny day, many rocks will spawn all over your town. This is for the purpose of breaking them to find Stone Eggs to turn in for Zipper T. Bunny’s prizes.

There’s a REALLY high chance that the event will glitch out where the rocks will not be removed the following day, and they’ll turn into normal unbreakable rocks.

So be sure to break all the rocks before the event ends in order to prevent this bug from happening!