animal crossing new leaf


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i just bought a 3ds XL and holY COW IS EVERYTHING HUGE

i’m a symmetry freak in my houses in ac

like in any given room, if you look at an item on one wall and then check that spot on the opposite wall, either the same item will also be there or an item of the exact same size is there

Anonymous said: You DON'T have to have paths in order for your town to look nice. You DON'T have to have all your villagers lined up in rows to make your town neat. You DON'T have to have trees neatly lined up. You DON'T have to have all the popular villagers. You also DON'T have to listen to what other people say about your town. Pastel town? Zen town? Horror town? Do whatever makes YOU happy and DON'T listen to assholes that put you down.



theme update

Morning Aerobics with Copper

I was never up early enough to participate when I was younger :<

shota-no-crosser said: Marshal and Ankha? what do you think about them? they're my favourites ;w;

marshal is adorbs but i have absolutely no hope of ever having him in my town lol

and i love ankha!! she was my islander in the GC game so she’s always had a special place in my heart

designingrobin said: o.o Sterling.


he lived right next to my house in CF and we were best friends